<h1>How to choose a water bottle for gym<h1>

How to choose a water bottle for gym

The best choice for reusable water bottle for the gym can’t be same for everyone. As every fitness enthusiast has different workout routine, workout types, water consumption and personal preferences. Therefore it can’t be something like, one size fits all.
We have mentioned the (simple small) steps to consider before buying a water bottle for gym. 
But before your go through all the things you should consider, let as first make it clear that how buying a reusable water bottle is good when you can buy a disposable plastic bottle every gym day? First of all you are being extravagant if buying disposable plastic bottle, for you can save this money at every refill. Tap water is tested and is as safe as bottled water (for mostly first world countries). It’s also very beneficial for the environment, as mentioned above by buying a reusable water bottle you will also contribute in the environment at every refill you make, as lesser pollution will create to make a single bottle rather than several disposable plastic bottles.




gym water bottle how to choose one

1- Which Size is best?

If it’s gym water bottle, size really matters. You should keep your personal consumption of water in consideration while choosing the right bottle size. However as far as the general rule is considered, one should drink 8 ounces or 0.2 liters after every 15mints while performing workout. Whereas the consumption should be more if you are doing a workout making you sweat too much.
Mostly the water bottles are of 0.5 to 1 liter in volume, which means you hardly have to go the gym water fountain to refill your bottle again. Even if you have to do it once in a while, it’s wouldn’t bother you much. Therefore there is no point of having water bottles too big until you want to use them for an activity other than the gym.
If it’s the case you can buy a bottle fulfills your workout needs in the gym as well as your other outdoor needs like cycling, hiking, campaigning, trekking or any sports even. But as here we are specifically discussing about what would be the best water bottle for gym, therefore a best gym bottle will be the one that can fulfill your gym need and fits perfectly right into your gym bag. Because if it doesn’t do so, no matter how many purposes it fulfills it can be anything but not the best water bottle for gym. Therefore it’s better you get a separate one for your other activities, as they are not very expensive.



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2- Is the shape convenient to carry?

It’s not a rocket science that the shape of your water bottle should fit your carrying style. If you usually carry the bottle in your hands while going to gym, the bottle should be slender enough to hold it easily.
However if you carry it in your gym bag then no matter what the shape of your bottle is, it just need to fit easily in your gym bag or even better if it can fit in the outer mesh pocket of your bag. For there are very different and unique shapes of water bottles in the market, like currently DUMBBELLS SHAPED GYM WATER BOTTLES are quite popular among gym goers. May be because one can use these bottles as dumbbells at home too if fully filled with water.
But make sure your gym bag has enough room for such bottles or you can hold them conveniently.




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3- What is the right bottle Material for you?

The biggest difference between two bottles is of their material, make sure to choose the one suits your needs best. There are mainly four different kinds of materials bottles are made of: Plastic, Stainless steel, Glass and Collapsible material.
Let’s see the pros and cons of each.


gym bottle that are bpa free

(a) Plastic Bottles


Plastic water battles are the ones you must have seen most in the gyms or at high-activity events. Why they are so popular? Well the reasons are many. They are Affordable, Easy to clean, light weight; you can see though the water level and are durable as well. Usually they can endure freezes but that’s not a good idea.
 Plastic bottles can be used for other outdoor activities and comes in almost any size and color. You can choose one matches the color of your gym bag, shirt or shoes.
Just make sure your plastic bottle is BPA-free, for if it’s BPA-free it’s completely safe for health.


Plastic bottles can made of a plastic that carries unhealthy chemical called BPA which can cause cancer and diabetes. Therefore if using plastic bottles make sure they are BPA free, (by the way we have some BPA-free bottles in case you want to see.)  
Though it’s a rare case when one use his gym plastic water bottle for hot liquids yet it is something shouldn’t be done because it’s not safe for plastic bottles. And last thing they can shatter if water freezes in them.



glass water bottles has their pros and cons for gym

(b) Glass Bottles


Glass bottles are the option for purest water if they are BPA-Free (which they usually are). They are made of good quality material and doesn’t leave any odor or taste of the previous liquid used. They are mostly slender therefore can be hold easily. These bottles are easy to wash and most of them are dishwasher safe.
Now a days glass bottles come with silicon sleeves that avoid them from breaking or slipping from your hands at the first place.


Though glass bottles may provide you with purest taste of water but as we are talking about a water bottle for gym, therefore using just water in other material bottles will make no difference. However Glass bottles are pricier than any other material. They can be used for office or home but are very fragile for gym, as a light hit can break the glass bottle easily.
Glass bottles may be fragile but they are heavier which increases the chances they slip from your hand, especially if the hands are sweaty. Even if you use it in your personal garage gym it would be a worrisome option to use for other sports activities due to it’s expensive price and fragility.


stainless steel water bottles are also good workout bottles

(c) Stainless Steel Bottles


By stainless steel bottles it means durability and long lastingness. These bottles are mostly vacuum insulated therefore perfect for both hot and cold liquids, along with using it carefree in gym because of it’s durable material it can be used for wide variety of purposes like caring coffee outdoor in a snowy day or icy water in a hot sunny day for hiking.
Mostly Stainless steel bottles are made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel which are completely safe to use. Most of them are also dishwasher safe.


Although these bottles are very durable but if you keep using one for too long it will look like a bottle that has just survived in a battle zone because of the dents and starches it will receive after a long use.
Stainless steel bottle is the heaviest category of water bottles therefore not very convenient to carry in the gym. It also heats up in hot temperatures but in gyms the temperatures are controlled however it doesn’t feel good to hold it in outdoor summers and winters.



collapsible water bottle pros and cons as workout water bottle

(d) Collapsible Bottle


The trend of collapsible water bottles is gaining momentum with time because of it’s greater level of portability and multi-purpose use. When it comes to portability collapsible water bottles have no match, they usually collapse to the level that you can literally put it in your pants pocket (though you wouldn’t), as it’s the quality makes it the favorite bottle for many activities like camping, cycling, hiking and other sports events.
Even just for gym it’s biggest quality is, it can fit in those compact stylish gym bags, that usually don’t have much room (too stylish for to be spacious). You put the collapsed bottle in the bag and fills it in gym before starting your workout and after gym again collapse it to put it in your bag again. The best part is it exactly looks like a regular bottle when unrolled and it’s cap open (at least a good quality collapsible bottles does)
 These bottles really pay off for being lightweight, affordable, portable and durable.
There aren’t much cons of collapsible bottles if you want them just to fill up water for gym. However these bottles can’t stand the freezing water and can get puncture easily. Often these bottles doesn’t come with big lids therefore it isn’t too easy to clean them.




best water bottle for gym and how to chose one

4- What kind of cap you want?



best reusable water bottle

(a) Spout lids

Spout lid also known as Push-pull cap which provides you quick access to water with just one hand. Usually those who use quick-access lids (like spout lids and straw lids) consume more water. However they can leak after frequent use. Therefore before putting those in your backpack for gym make sure you check them and place in the outer pocket of the bag (If you have one).



best reusable water bottle

(b) Straw Caps

Are quite similar in benefits to Push-pull water bottle, which provide you with quick water supply but it’s downside isn’t leakage. For most straw caps come with lids aren’t easy to fail.  However the problem here is hygiene, for due to regular usage the outer straw surface can get unclean enough to not use it for drinking. Therefore it’s better to sanitize it often if using it on daily basis.



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(c) Screw caps

Screw cap bottles are very good with sealing the bottle tight when you are not drinking from it and mostly have mouth wide enough to clean it easily. But as mostly we are supposed to take sips of water after every 15 mints, it can be a slow alternative for a bottle lid. Though if in your opinion it’s the cap you want make sure the mouth is wide enough you can put ice cube into it easily but not too much, for it can cause water to splash on your shirt while you drinking from it.
Also see our collection of gym water bottles.


Whatever bottle you chose make sure it properly fulfills that one single purpose first you are buying it for (which is here the gym) and then see if it can help you with your other activities or. Whereas it is better that you buy two separate bottles if the activities you are buying it for have different demands.
Also consider additional gym bottle features you prefer personally like scale for measurements, attached cap, cup lid or anything defines your specific way of usage for there are so many of those small details we can’t write each one of it. Therefore also keep them in mind before making your final choice.