Most of us know that our biggest enemy is we ourselves, stopping us from making some change we want and we can. This yourself is your mind, the subconscious tricks you to avoid effort and makes you take short cuts. There are several reasons and theories on why our mind play these trick with us but here the big question is not why, but how we can escape such tricks and make the change we want?

This post is about how you trick your mind in doing want you want instead getting tricked by your mind. For remember, Today’s actions are are tomorrow's results. 



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You can have the poster of the fitness model, celebrity or athlete in your room you idealize. But first set some short term practical goals. You may idealize the person in poster for his/her body shape or strength or both, but it will take some time to reach there. As it takes time even for the gifted ones to reach the position they are currently at.

So, just make a personal goal along with a deadline. The goal you make should be specific and well defined. Try to make it measurable, like the weight you aim to achieve in next two months or so. Before finally reaching any decision about the goal you make sure it is something that is achievable. To see how you are doing keep measuring your performance against time, as time is the only thing in very limited amount. Just add a time frame when you set a goal.




By reasonably small it means the goal should be small enough that it don’t just easy to do daily but also left you with the desire to do them again the very next day. It isn’t supposed to take much of your will power to do it every day, as mostly it isn’t about the lack of time or energy we misses our gym day but just because of the lack of will power. Obviously Rome didn’t build in a day nor will your will power.

Just think what can be a small first goal for you to be consistent for workout. If you are starting gym for the very first time it should be going to the gym at the first place, often it’s the biggest hurdle for new starters. Make sure you go gym daily (on gym day) even you do little or even no exercise. Yes, you read it right, because once you get into the routine of going gym daily you will break the inertia of your old routine. Now you will automatically gain momentum with time. For starting something for the very first time is the most uncomfortable thing for a human being.



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Once your get into the routine of never missing your gym day for at least a month or two, you now set deadlines. It can be the number of reps you perform or lifting heavier weights, it completely depends on you. But to reach your ultimate goal you must have deadlines. Obviously like mentioned above the deadlines should be realist and achievable. But shouldn’t too easy that you lose your interest in it.

The deadlines should have the balance of challenge and reality. You may feel that it is contradicting the second point (start reasonably small) but the deadlines will come in when you start doing work out by being consistent. Once you become habitual of consistently going to gym, make sure your deadlines are challenging but achievable.

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Don’t worry if you don’t have a gym buddy and none of your friends are interested in joining a gym. There are different local fitness groups in nearby gyms that you can join. Each one is dedicated to different purpose of workout and fitness. But as soon as you join one of such groups there are several benefits you will have instantly.

First one, when you have made a commitment by allotting a specific time of the day to perform workout with a group, you have psychologically obligated yourself to not plan or do anything at that specific time of the day. This in turn will increase your chances to be at the gym in time.

Second, you can’t procrastinate because even if it’s weekend and you are totally free for the entire day the group you have joined will practice at a specific time. You wouldn’t be just consistent but also punctual, for if you are 15 mints late you have missed a reasonable part of the group exercise.

Third, being in a group of people interested in the same thing (gym) as you are, you surely find some friends too there, if not group members will be like your class fellows (similar to school). Unconsciously you will get more enthusiastic about the gym and fitness itself, as it’s gets hard to miss a day if someone is expecting you, it’s a kind of social pressure you feel in such similar situations.



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Evaluation of performance is very important in knowing either you are moving in the right direction or not and at the same time it’s the results that provide you with unstoppable motivation.

But the problem isn’t that people find it hard to keep records but actually the way they keep records. As some gym goers just take a photo standing in front of the mirror and that’s it. For this isn’t the way it should be done.

It’s better to record the number of reps, weights you are lifting, how much you are sleeping, you mood, the energy level you feel. For all these factors will help you to achieve the results in the long run.  Record these on daily basis.

Compare the results and your performance monthly if not weekly. In this way you will know that the goal you are having for the end of this year, either you are getting close to it with time or the results you see wouldn’t end up into the desired results. If you make to your target easily it’s good and if not you will have the time to make changes to get your targeted results. But if it’s December when you evaluate your performance, you probably can make no change if things are not moving towards your annual goal. As you will run out of time. Just imagine after giving something a year if you don’t achieve it, how much motivation you will be left with for the next year?

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If suddenly some important task comes up or your schedule is too tight for the gym, go gym for even half the time but don’t miss it. If you usually do 45 mints of workout just cut it to 23 mints or even 15 mints (better then missing it). As it’s not about the mints but more about the habit. Once you miss your gym day for being too busy there are chances you will do it again in future just for being too lazy. Though it will take some time to you get used to the punctuality, however once it will become the part of your routine it will be super easy for you to be consistent.




The good news is you don’t have to work on these mind hacks for always. Just work on them until you become habitual of your gym routine. Though it will feel a bit hard to add this new activity in your routine but not for too long. However every person takes different time period to get used to something and it completely depends on you.

But once it becomes a part of your life it will be difficult task for you to take a day off. It’s like the harder you work on something the harder it is to surrender. In fact you will see it as recreation for working out doesn’t just provide physical fitness but mental stability too. As the feel after a great workout is something can’t completely expressed into words, you have to work out yourself to experience it.




By resisting your old urges to not do any physically exhausting activity, you are doing a great thing other than building up a workout routine. You are exercising your will power, the purest form of power nature has gifted every one of us with. But usually like a 3 inches blade knife, the more you practice it the more it develops and by consistently using it you can change it into a sharp Katana (Samurai sword).


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